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Upholstery Cleaning

Whether you have a living room loveseat that’s starting to smell a bit too much like the family dog, or a pair of waiting room couches that seat a high number of customers every day, WisePro And Restoration has the upholstery cleaning services that you need!

Without routine cleaning, upholstery can become contaminated with pet dander, allergens, dust mites, bacteria, mold, and the breakdown of fabric fibers. Experts recommend cleaning your furniture every six months to reduce build-up of these harmful contaminants.

Far from being just a visual concern, having clean furniture is a health one as well! Let us help you keep your home and office clean and safe with our professional upholstery cleaning.

Our technicians are specially trained in caring for upholstery, so we spot-check every type of fabric before cleaning to ensure that we treat each one correctly based on the unique needs of that fabric type. Our attention to detail and professionalism not only leave your upholstery clean and deodorized, but restored so that your furniture and drapes last longer.

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Say goodbye to stains, pet odors, bacteria, and general wear and tear…and say hello to the following!

  • Restored furniture and drapes
  • Healthy, safe home and office environment
  • Steam cleaning for maximum effectiveness
  • Colorfast testing and professional results
  • Fabric sanitizing and deodorizing